Income Survey for Title Fund Disbursement

Your son or daughter was given an important envelope to present to you on Thursday.  It contains a very short survey that all Archdiocesan schools are asking their parents to complete.  Bishop Alemany is entitled to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of instructional services for STEM and technology reimbursements, professional development in Math, English, and numerous other subjects for your child's teachers, continuing education, additional tutoring for students in Math and English, and other programs that all of our parents pay taxes to support.   A survey of each of our parents is necessary for us to receive these funds and reimbursements.  If your child returns the survey by Monday, he or she will receive an alternative dress day on Friday, October 4th.  
If your child has misplaced their survey, you can download it right here on the website.  Thank you for helping our entire community with this opportunity for Bishop Alemany.
Dr. Chambers