RoboWarriors ranked 5th for their division at the World Championships of the First Robotics Competition

     The FIRST Robotics World Championships is the culmination of months of dedication, innovation, and teamwork from thousands of young minds worldwide. Organized by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), these championships brought together 600 teams from every state in America and international teams from Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, and Tawain just to name a few. Teams played a game called Crescendo, showcasing their robots' abilities to shoot game pieces called notes into goals called amps and speakers.
     The RoboWarriors showcased determination at the FIRST Robotics World Championships, finishing an impressive 5th in the Johnson division while facing stiff competition from 74 other teams. This finish was a testament to their tireless dedication over the past 3.5 months to design, build, and program a competitive robot. Despite narrowly missing out on qualifying to play on the Einstein field, where alliances compete for the top 8 spots in the world, the RoboWarriors have a lot to be proud of this year. Their achievements not only reflect their technical expertise in all things FIRST Robotics but highlights the teamwork that defines the FIRST community. While falling just short of their goals this year, the RoboWarriors' performance inspires the team to work even harder next year to achieve their ultimate goal.