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Important Contacts During Distance Learning

Campus will remain closed through at least March 31st and phone assistance will be unavailable during the closure. For any questions you might have, please see the contact list below.

Important Contacts During Closure:

For Main Office: email Cathy Kaneshiro at ckaneshiro@alemany.org

For Parent Service Hours: email Maria Myers at mmyers@alemany.org

For Counseling: email counselors@alemany.org

For Campus Ministry: email Fr. Mike Sezzi at msezzi@alemany.org

For Deans: email deans@alemany.org

For Athletics: email Dave Urbach at durbach@alemany.org

For Admissions: email Liz Cadwalader at lcadwalader@alemany.org

For Teachers: email individual teachers via their email or Canvas

For International Student Support: email Man Luc at mluc@alemany.org

For Canvas Assistance or Student Email Assistance: Alemany Help Desk

For Assistant Principal: email Alexis Arnold-Cox at aarnold@alemany.org

For Principal & President’s Office: email Cindy DeSantiago at cdesantiago@alemany.org