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Visitu Health Screening Mobile App Guide

Bishop Alemany High School is using the Visitu app for Health Screening for teachers and students returning to campus. 
To get started with Visitu, please follow these download instructions.
All users are required to sign in using the email method on page 3. 

Visitu Health Screening Parent/Student Guide Video

Summary of Visitu Video Instructions
This is a guide on how to access the Visitu Health Screening Surveys for Bishop Alemany High School.
After downloading the Visitu Mobile app on your device (iOS, Android), open the app. When asked to sign in, select “Email address.”
  • Students, please enter your Alemany student email address. If you cannot access your Alemany student email account, contact the Alemany Help Desk for assistance.
  • Parents, please enter the email address you provided to the school as your contact information.
After entering your email address, select “Send Verification Code” and an email with a verification code will be sent to your email account within a few minutes. Double check your email address on this screen to ensure that you entered the correct email address. If not, you can repeat the process with the correct email address.
Do NOT click on "Login with Password" or the process will not work. 

Parents and students - please email for any Visitu-specific inquiries.
Once you receive the email containing your Visitu login code, enter that code and press “Login.” The process is slightly different for students and parents.
For Students: Students on campus are required to show the “All surveys completed!” Visitu screen before attending classes. In order to receive this screen, the Health Screening Survey must be completed indicating that the student is able to attend school.
Upon opening the app, students will be presented with an orange message informing them that they have a survey due. Pressing the “You have 1 survey due” message will allow the survey to be completed. If a survey is completed indicating that the student is not experiencing any symptoms, they will receive a green message indicating “No surveys due.” Clicking on the green “No surveys due” message will provide students with the “All surveys completed!” screen required to be on campus.
For Parents: Parents are not required to take surveys for themselves. However, parents are able to complete health screening surveys for their students. To complete a survey for your students, select the “Students” tab at the bottom of the app screen. Your student should appear. All parents should already be paired to their students. If you do not see your student in the “Students” tab, please email for assistance. Selecting a student will allow parents to complete the health screening survey on behalf of their students. When a parent completes the survey indicating that the student is able to attend school, the paired student will be able to access the “All surveys completed!” screen on their own devices.
For any assistance with Visitu, including if you submitted a survey with incorrect responses, please call the Front Office at (818) 365-3925 or contact
For help with your Alemany student email account, please use the Alemany Help Desk located under the iPad Program dropdown.
We look forward to seeing you on campus. Thank you very much and please stay safe.