First Student in a Family (9th/10th/11th)      $ 12,600
 Second Student in a Family  $ 11,750
 Third Student in a Family  $ 11,450
 Senior Tuition (Includes Graduation Fee $275)  $ 12,875
 International Student: Tuition
 $ 22,500
 AP Course Exam  $ 100 per exam 
Elective Class: Zero or Extra Class  $ 440 per semester class
Mandatory Raffle  $ 200
Mandatory Spring Fundraiser  $ 100 (2 tickets @$50 per person)
Parent Service Hour Program  15 Hours or $300


A $30.00 late fee is incurred for late payments. 

Annual Registration Fee: $1,150
This includes:

  • Enrollment Fee of $550*
  • Facility Fee of $300
  • Technology Fee of $300 

These Fees are due upon registration for new students.

All tuition and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event the student does not attend Bishop Alemany or terminates attendance for any reason.  All fees are due upon acceptance or renewal. 

Graduation Fee for seniors only: included in senior tuition above. This helps cover the costs associated with the Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Exercises. 

Summer School tuition and Athletic fees are not included in annual tuition and fees. 

Tuition Collection:
All students are required to have a FACTS tuition agreement.
The school collects tuition ONLY through FACTS Tuition Management Company.  Please note that all accounts are subject to a FACTS Tuition Management annual fee of $50.