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Our Mission

The Counseling Department strives to meet the needs of the whole person. We encourage, challenge, and support each student to reach their highest level of academic achievement. Counselors offer support and guidance for students in their spiritual, emotional, moral, and social development.


The Guidance and Counseling Department believes that the needs of the whole person must be served. The department believes that it must offer students the opportunity to develop an awareness of their responsibilities to God, to themselves, to the school community and to the community at large.

Throughout their years at Bishop Alemany, students and their parents collaborate with the Counseling Department in the planning of their academic programs. Counselors, working with the Studies Office, faculty and parents, assist students in evaluating their abilities and interests and guide them to pursue a course of studies that best suits their potential and future goals. Where necessary, remediation and enrichment are encouraged.

Each student has an appointed counselor who will contact him/her at various times each year to discuss academic progress, to motivate the student to reach his/her highest potential, and to offer encouragement and any help which is needed. Students are free to request appointments with their designated counselors or with another counselor at any time.


It is important that students learn to take control of their own education and always give their full effort. Students should also learn to self-monitor their progress. This is easily achieved by checking grades in Canvas regularly.

If struggling academically, students must take advantage of after school tutoring sessions with individual teachers.

In general, teachers are available for tutoring after school on Block Days (Wednesday & Thursday) and at other times with advance notice. However, it is best to consult teacher’s courses in Canvas to see tutoring times.