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Clubs for the 2017-2018 School Year 
Club Name  Moderator  Room  Student Chartering  Meeting Day & Time  Email Contact 
Liturgy Band Mr. Wareham L3 Hanna Clemente Tuesday 2:00 - 3:30
Rock Band  Mr. Wareham L3 Hanna Clemente
Speech and Debate Mr. Meyer C2 Ali Lumbarri Wednesday at 2:00pm
Bowling Club  Mr. Wareham    Tripp Mitchell  TBA
Unity Through Diversity  Sr. Sara G2 Cristian Hernandez Wednesday at lunch
PAWS FOR Love  S. Gauthier  J3 Andrea Sagastume & Nina Spaccarelli  Wednesday after chool
The Mission Hills Newsletter  Mr. Pimental  K3 Savannah Pinedo Tuesday at linch
E sports Mr. Blackburn  Media Center  Luca Guzman  Thursday 2:00 -3:30pm
CRS Club Mr. Judge L4 Jacqueline Rourke Tuesday at lunch
Save the Beach  Mr. Vear  D8 Alisa Machado  Mondaysa at lunch
Literary Society Mr. Judge L4 Jacqueline Rourke Thursday at lunch
French Club  Ms. Diaz K1 Weiyu (Jennifer) Gong  Thursday at lunch
Key Club Mr. Warren L10 Jacqueline Rourke Wednesday at lunch
Tea Club  Ms. Andrade  H1  Jkaylin De Silva & Pierre Yapo  Tuesday at lunch Ms. Andrade  H2 Jacob Meade & Alyssa Velasco  Wednesday at  lunch
Health and Wellness Mr. Keller  L6  Gillian Robles & Kesia Levelle  Mon/Tues at lunch
Cool Kids Club Ms. Little G3 Abigail Parco  Thursday at lunch
Cinema Club Mr. Wareham Theater  Sabrina Gonzalez Weekly at lunch
Media Club Mr. Wareham Media Center Angelo DeVito  TBA
My Name My Story  Ms. Wargo  E7   Tuesday at lunch
Spanish Honor Society  Mr. Pimentel  J3   Thursday at lunch
Drama Club  Ms. Alkazian  Theatre Brianna Baylis Thursday at lunch 
Ceramics Club Ms. Vilchis A5 Maya SANTOS  Wednesdays at lunch
Anime Club  Ms. Alkazian  Study Hall 1  Iris Garcia   Wednesdays at lunch
Pax Christi Mr. Levan L2   Thursday at lunch
L.A.M.B.S. Ms. Hise L3   Thursday after school
Eucharistic Ministry Ms. Hise L3   Day before mass days at lunch
Model United Nations  Ms. Lower  H3 Althex Shi & Kevin Wei  Tuesday after school
Mariachi  Ms. Bellusci Band Room  Jorge Castillo & Chris Edwards  Wed, Thur, Fri 1:40-2:15
Chinese Traditional Culture Union  Mr. Li  H4 Yao (Emily) Tong  Wed & Thur after school
Warzone Club  Mr. Wareham    Miguel Tataje Tuesday at lunch
Clam Aviation Club  Mr. Li  H4  Sunxing Yu  Thursday at lunch
Investment Club  Mr. Guante  L8  David Barrett  Thursday at lunch
Knitting Club  Ms. Gauthier  J3  Iris Garcia   Thursday at lunch