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Mission to Haiti

Check out the video on this year's Mission to Haiti in Campus Ministry videos!

Watch the video shown at the Ash Wednesday liturgy while we were still in Haiti, sharing our trip with all of Bishop Alemany! 

This March 3rd to the 9th, 8 Bishop Alemany students will have the opportunity to go to Haiti to assist Haitian children in learning English and for us to experience the Haitian culture. Students can reserve their spot in Campus Ministry by placing a $100.00 deposit.  There is a need for two parent chaperones to travel with us. 

The entire Bishop Alemany community will be represented on this trip, so your support is crucial and truly appreciated.

We will be working with the Haiti mission outreach of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, which supports schools and parishes in the Diocese of Gonaives. Check out their program at:

This is a working mission trip, not a tourist opportunity.  St. Marc is a small city about 2 hours outside of Port au Prince.  We will not be traveling into Citi de Soleil.  

This projects rests upon a foundation of Catholic social teaching that recognizes the dignity of every person and the fundamental option for the poor and vulnerable.


Weeks activities:

Arrive in Port au Prince, Haiti on Monday between 12pm and 2pm and head north to St. Marc. Arrive in St. Marc and get a tour of the apartment and primary school, settle in, eat, prep for the next days.

Tuesday-Friday: 8 am to noon for camp activities with a selected group of students. Other students will be in class. Tuesday-Friday afternoons: various excursions/exploring. Walk around St. Marc, visit the high school (James Stine College), and likely visit a refugee camp/establishment, rice mill, etc.

 We will have a guide form the Archdiocese of Baltimore with us at every moment of our time in Haiti.  All of our transportation in Haiti will be provided by the staff of the Good Samaritan school.  


We will be staying inside the walls of the Good Samaritan school in a four bedroom apartment.  Our experience there last year was comfortable and secure.  


The school provides a generous meal for us at lunchtime each day.  We will take along our breakfast and dinner meals. We will prepare these meals for ourselves in the kitchen of the apartment in which we are staying.  

Immunizations—The government does not require anything to travel to Haiti except a valid passport. Travelers are recommended to check with what their primary care physician recommends. It is typically a personal comfort question on whether or not the student receives immunizations or takes anti-malarial medication.


Travel - LAX  (sample from 2015)

American Airlines

Feb 11  Depart 9:55 pm

1665 Arrive 1:55 am

Feb 17  Depart 1:20pm

231 Arrive 8:35 pm

Estimated Costs

Flight Cost $770.00

Lodging/Meals $180.00

Insurance $ 80.00

Misc. $170.00

Total: $1200.00

 Additional costs will have to be covered through fundraising. These costs include the flight of our guide, the supplies for our camp activities, and a donation towards a Haitian student’s tuition.


There will be a parent information night on ... (not yet scheduled)

Students going on the trip will meet weekly to plan their lessons and activities and to discuss their travel needs.

Check out the video from last year's trip at:

Contact Mr. Levan at  or 818-837-5264 for more information.