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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for Academic Decathlon?

    • The competition welcomes students of all GPAs.
    • The team must have three Honors players (those with an “A” average); three Scholastic players (those with a “B” average); and three Varsity players (those with a “C” average).
    • The students’ transcripts are used to determine their GPAs according to official guidelines.


How much time will students invest in Academic Decathlon?

    • Academic Decathlon is a class period in which crucial material will be covered.
    • Students will be expected to study at home.
    • As the competition dates approach, students may be asked to attend after-school or Saturday sessions for additional preparation.


How can Academic Decathlon fit in students’ academic and extracurricular schedules?

    • If needed, students may take an early-morning religion course to make room for the Academic Decathlon class.
    • Many student-athletes have thrived as members of the Academic Decathlon team. We can work with students so that they can honor their commitments to both Academic Decathlon and their sports team.
How and when are the competing students selected?
    • A scrimmage is held (with other schools’ teams) on a Saturday morning in November at the Bishop Alemany campus.
    • The students’ scrimmage scores in tandem with previous assessments will be used to determine the composition of the competing team.


When and where is the competition held?

    • The regional competition (in which private and charter schools from Los Angeles and Orange Counties take part) spans two consecutive Saturdays in the last week of January and the first week of February. 
    • If Alemany wins the regional competition, the team will advance to the state competition in Sacramento which takes place in mid-March.