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$10,000+ Commitment Circle
$5,000+ Honor Circle
$2,500+ Visionary Circle
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Message from our President


Dear Bishop Alemany Family and Friends,


It is a very exciting time at Bishop Alemany High School! The 2019-2020 school year is underway, marking the 63rd academic session of this great institution. Our students are engaged with our school’s mission and they have defined the culture of our community with their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Bishop Alemany High School is moving confidently into the next stage of its storied history.


As a member of the Bishop Alemany family, you are a meaningful part of our educational process! One of our five core values is Enriched as Community. This means that the educational success of our students is not only in the hands of the faculty and staff who are on campus. The educational success of our school also relies on your participation and the participation of parents, alumni and friends who generously support the Bishop Alemany Fund.

It is our vision that Bishop Alemany High School will be the premiere Catholic college preparatory school in southern California. As part of this new chapter in our history, we are improving our communications with alumni and friends. We will be emailing a monthly newsletter to all of you, detailing the exciting programs, initiatives and accomplishments of our community. Please make sure your contact information is up to date with us, especially your email address, so that you don’t miss any of our communications!

Please consider helping us move into our next chapter from a position of strength. Today we ask you for two things: First, start by keeping us in your prayers. We trust in God’s providential care and we are grateful for the wonderful things He has in store for us! Second, please consider making a gift to Bishop Alemany that is intentional and meaningful to you. A gift to Bishop Alemany is a gift that you can be proud of, as it will help shape the future of numerous deserving students.


Your participation in the Bishop Alemany Fund is your participation in the school’s mission to intellectually prepare women and men who are committed to promoting a just and peaceful world as conscientious and morally courageous leaders in service to others. Please join us at one of our athletic events or a school play or just stop by campus to say hello. We are grateful that you are part of our family and you are always welcome at Bishop Alemany!


Dr. Hambleton Signature
William C. Hambleton, Ed.D.


The Bishop Alemany Fund is designed to advance the mission of the school by supporting the areas of greatest needs in our programs and operations.