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Warrior Fall Raffle Winners for 2019


Congratulations to our 2019 Warrior Fall raffle winners!


Here are the winners along with the names of the individuals who sold the tickets:


  • Grand Prize $5,000 – Ticket No. 1202
Winner: Terri Figueroa 
Seller: Tiana Figueroa

  • Second Place Prize $4,000 – Ticket No. 12612
Winner: Lauren Gallegos 
Seller: Jacob Gallegos

  • Third Place Prize $3,000 – Ticket No. 0193
Winner: Marco A. Becerra S. 
Seller: Zariah L. Dayer

  • Fourth Place Prize $2,000 – Ticket No. 22746
Winner: Cole Wakim 
Seller: Connor Wakim

  • Fifth Place Prize $1,000 - Ticket No. 2617
Winner: Erica Sussman -
Seller: Khai Redd
Congratulations on being one of our Warrior Fall Raffle winners.

Thank you and have a blessed day!