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CP Chemistry

College Prep Chemistry meets graduation requirements and University admissions requirements. It is a year long class that explores topics including matter/energy, bonding, chemical nomenclature, equations and stoichiometry, quantum theory, periodic trends, solutions, thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium.
This course is designed to accommodate any student who is motivated and willing to learn; however there are prerequisites that need to be met prior to enrollment. These include concurrent enrollment in Algebra II and grades of B's or better in all attempted math and science courses. Laboratory work is an integral component of the class and thus the department must exercise caution in allowing unprepared students to take chemistry. Safety is a primary concern for all, and students must demonstrate that they are capable of following a procedure and correctly computing quantities that are outlined in those procedures. Anyone who knowingly violates guidelines set by the techer jeopardizes his or her enrollment in chemistry and will face serious consequences.
Grading for the class will be based on a number of factors including tests, quizzes, homework, classwork and labwork. Determination of a student's final grade rests with the professional judgment of the teacher.