Bishop Alemany High School

Bishop Alemany High School Recognizes Bob Warren, Director of Christian Service

The first day of Catholic Schools Week stresses that Catholic Schools are communities of service. Alemany would like to honor the contributions of our Director of Christian Service, Bob Warren, for his dedication and commitment in the following areas:

  • Key Club Coordinator
  • Alemany Amigos
  • Outdoor School
  • Organizing service projects and researching various service opportunities
  • Providing and verification of parent permission forms
  • Responding to parental concerns about the projects and students' safety
  • Creating of relationships with various service agencies that provide service opportunities (e.g. MEND, Big Sunday, LA Regional Food Bank, local Catholic elementary schools)
  • Seeking grants or alternate funding for necessary costs (e.g. getting and paying for buses for visiting younger students for Alemany Amigos)
  • Developing service leaders through the work as Key Club adviser.
  • Encouraging, recognizing and supporting the work of various teachers who do service with their classes, teams, and clubs

Bob is most widely recognized for his work with Alemany Amigos - providing an opportunity for Alemany students to form relationships with younger students from less advantaged areas. This 3-hour Saturday event involves about 12 hours of behind the scenes organization time: working with the 2 target agencies (Casa Esperanza and Guardian Angels School), procuring payment for the buses, working with the students in charge to plan the activities of the day, getting supplies, planning, shopping and coordinating students (and associated parents) in preparing the lunches that are serviced to children).