Bishop Alemany High School

Art Mural

More than a Mural

Mural inspired by historic masterpieces enlivens Alemany art wing. Read more >>

Friends Forever

Teaching Abroad

Campus Ministry students share an enriching experience in Haiti. Read more >>


Bishop Alemany Honors Institute

Alemany selected to offer AP Capstone Diploma.


Merciful Like the Father

Alemany uses the official Vatican theme for the 2015-2016 school year. Read more >>

MENDing the Community

MENDing the Community

Alemany receives Community Partner in MENDing Poverty Award. Read more >>


A Piece of History

Alemany receives a replica of Michelangelo's Pieta.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

The Catholic Relief Services Club packages 22,000 meals for those less fortunate. Read more >>

Alemany's iPad Integration

Alemany's iPad Integration

Technological innovation has arrived at Bishop Alemany High School with its new 1:1 iPad program that revolutionizes how students learn and interact with their teachers and peers. Read more >>

Alemany's on Track

Alemany's on Track

New all-weather tartan track incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Read more >>

Mr. Chambers' Journal

Mr. Chambers

Welcome to my journal. This corner of our website is my opportunity to share with you items and tidbits about the school that I become aware of from time to time. Usually these things that brighten or enlighten my day are absorbed by the normal hustle and bustle of the day's events. I hope to share them with you informally so you can enjoy and be informed about some of the happenings I come across in the course of my experience with your daughters and sons. I'll sprinkle in some news and upcoming events that come across my desk as well. I hope you drop by here often to share some of my experiences at Bishop Alemany High School.

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News & Announcements


Dennis Uniforms Information

15% off sale (online and in-store only) from June 21st - June 28th.
Dennis Uniforms on Alemany Campus on July 14th in Alumni Hall.

School Phones Upgrade

Tomorrow, Friday, June 10, our school telephone system will be undergoing the initial part of a full upgrade...

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Alemany Accolades

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