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Parent Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures in the Event of an Emergency

In the event of an earthquake or similar emergency, the following general guidelines will apply.

Student Release:

  • Student release will only be at San Fernando Mission Boulevard Gate
  • Students will only be released to Authorized Persons listed on Emergency Card
  • Authorized persons must show ID
  • Student Drivers & their passengers will be released according to

      Emergency Driver Release Form completed by parent/guardian. All information MUST BE CURRENT.


If School is in Session:

1.     Cars will not be allowed on campus and those wishing to pick up students should go to the San Fernando Mission Blvd Request Gate.  All other gates will be locked.  ID IS REQUIRED

2.     Student drivers will be detained until it is determined that the roads are safe for transportation.  Students will remain on campus or another safe place until they are picked up.

3.     Students who need to be released from school by a parent/guardian or pre-approved adult will remain on campus until that person arrives. Parent/Guardian or Authorized person arriving at school will be given a Student Request/Release form to complete.  After authorized persons are verified, they will be instructed to proceed to the Release Gate to wait for student and sign the school release log. 

Students will not be released to anyone whose name does not appear on the Emergency Card.

4.     Students who drive to school and their student passengers will be released according to the directions given by parents or guardians on the Emergency Student Driver Release Form.  All information must be current.  In The school does not accept responsibility for a student who willfully disobeys the directive of a staff member requesting student to remain on campus.

5.     If an earthquake occurs, DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. If phone lines are still operational, they will be needed for calls to emergency agencies. If possible our automated phone system will provide information to all emergency contact phone numbers on file as soon as possible.

6.     If students have to remain on campus, the staff will make very effort to care for the student in a safe manner until they are able to return home safely. Staff & faculty members will remain on campus to supervise and care for the students.

Bishop Alemany High School has enough emergency supplies stored to supply all of the faculty, staff, and students for the recommended period of 72 hours.

If the school has to be evacuated: Our alternate locations will be either the Alemany Football Field located north of the campus on Rinaldi or Brand Park located south of the campus on San Fernando Mission Blvd.

If your student is on a retreat, athletic event, field trip and not on campus: In the event of an emergency, the school’s emergency plan(s) will be modified as situations dictates.


If School is Not in Session:

If a disaster (earthquake, flood, fire, etc.) or civil emergency (terrorist activity, civil unrest or other disturbances, etc.) occurs while school is not in session, school will not resume until such time as the city is deemed reasonably safe for commuting to school.

A decision whether or not to open school will be made at the earliest possible time in order to notify our students and faculty.  We will always try to post information on our website which is always the best source for timely information.  We will attempt to inform radio stations and major local TV stations. If a crisis situation develops, the school community should depend on these sources of information.

In the event that school officials are able to call parents, we will use the contact information listed that appears on the student’s Emergency Card.  If school is cancelled for a day or a number of days, our same system will be used to contact parents with any updates of school resuming.

Having current and correct Emergency phone numbers and information on every student is critical to Alemany. Be sure your information is always up to date!