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Alemany utilizes a student-owned iPad model.
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Bishop Alemany proudly implemented a one-to-one iPad program for all students and faculty in 2013-14.

This device, together with Canvas (our learning management system), helps all students excel and progress on their path to college and future careers in the 21st century. The walls of the traditional classroom will come tumbling down as our students build the “4C” skills needed in this era in which we live: critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. In the classroom, and in the valuable hours outside of the regular school day, students will be able to access a world of information through the world wide web while also utilizing many of the applications designed specifically for the iPad – apps that will help everyone develop their “4C” skills.

Living out the words of our core values, we have been “inspired by excellence” and have carefully chosen to fully dedicate every action involved in setting up our iPad program to ensure Alemany students are “empowered to succeed”.

Our faculty and staff are all very excited about this new program and believe it will take Alemany from the great school we have known since its founding in 1956 to become the leading Catholic high school in California in the 21st century.