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Alemany Device Requirements

In order to provide a consistent learning experience, Bishop Alemany High School requires the use of certain iPad models or MacBooks.  
Please ensure that your iPad meets or exceeds the following requirements:
  • iOS 12 or later installed (Required for compatibility with Apple Classroom and Canvas)
  • 64GB capacity of storage or higher
To find your iPad software version and capacity, follow this guide

iPads manufactured prior to 2016 are strongly discouraged and/or incompatible.
You can identify your iPad model here

MacBooks are also permitted for use, but must still be supported by Apple and receive macOS updates and access iBooks. MacBooks include MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.
Please note that utilizing a device that does not meet the above requirements will severely affect a student's ability to complete their coursework. 
Email canvas-help@alemany.org for device inquiries or visit the Alemany Help Desk for tech support. 
Last updated 07/24/20.