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Alemany ASB Class & Election Information

for the 2018-2019 school year 


Thank you for your interest in the 2018-2019 ASB Class. Below you will find information regarding the various opportunities available. Elections and interviews take place in Spring of the previous year for students wishing to join ASB. Incoming Freshmen are the exception and elections are held in the Fall.


This year, any informative meeting will be held on Monday, February 12th for any student interested in any position to learn more about the process. 


If you should have any questions throughout the process, please contact me via email at


Best Wishes & Blessings, 

Mrs. Katye Fama


Alemany ASB Class Zero Period Elective


The Student Government at Bishop Alemany is comprised of two groups: Elected Officers (Student Body and Class) and Commissioners. Each position has a unique set of responsibilities, however all positions work together to form the Associated Student Body. The ASB class meets various days before school and after classes to accomplish both meetings and projects. 


The Associated Student Body (ASB) is an opportunity for students to be involved in the day–to-day governance of Alemany and in a variety of special events. The ASB class represents the entire student body population and act as a liaison to the Administration and community. The Associated Student Body works to assist in furthering the school’s mission, provide constructive input, as well as design and coordinate student activities and community events. 


Executive Student Body Officers

Current school year Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors elect the ASB President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The newly elected ASB Officers take part in interviewing and appointing the ASB Class Commissioners. 


The ASB Officers spend an average of 8 to 15 hours a week planning and overseeing school events including but not limited to: Athletic Events, Rallies, Dances, Intramurals, School Spirit and Community Outreach Events. Due to the amount of prior knowledge needed to fulfill these offices, one year prior experience in ASB is required. For students without prior ASB experience that are still interested in running for secretary or treasurer, you may meet with Mrs. Fama to discuss options.


ASB Officer Applications Available:                   February 6th 

ASB Officer Applications Due:                          February 20th 

ASB Officer Campaigns:                                  March 5th -8th 

ASB Officer Voting:                                        March 8th


Class Officers 


Each class elects its own President and Vice President. These offices have a set of duties unique to their class needs and require additional time commitment outside of the regular class hours. Fundraising is required at each class level and is a yearlong effort. Class Officers report to both the ASB Director and their Class Moderator. Senior Class Officers spend substantial time overseeing and planning Senior events, fundraisers and Prom. Strong organization skills, attention to detail and follow through are critical to successful fulfil the duties required.


ASB Class Officer Applications Available:           February 6th 

ASB Class Officer Applications Due:                  March 20th 

ASB Class Officer Campaigns:                          April 9th-12th

ASB Class Officer Voting:                                April 12th 




Students interested in serving as an ASB Commissioner apply and interview for a position in the class. It is the goal of the ASB Director and Elected Officers to identify and appoint students with a variety of talents who accurately represent the student population and student interests. Time commitments outside of the regular school day are required and vary over the course of the school-year. We are always looking for artistic talent, photography skills, video and editing skills, people who love to recruit guests and sell tickets, tour guides, students with strong organizational skills and more! 


ASB Commissioner Applications Available:        February 6th   

ASB Commissioner Applications Due:               April 19th


ASB Commissioner Interviews will be scheduled April 26th -May 17th. Please check the ASB door for a detailed schedule. If you are unable to make your assigned appointment time, please email Mrs. Fama at to request a new time/date.