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Frequently Asked Questions

Alemany now uses a student-owned iPad model where students supply their own iPads for school use.

Q. Will there be a special fee for the iPad?

A. No, there is no longer an iPad fee at Bishop Alemany High School.

Q. What additional costs should I anticipate?

A. All students will continue to be required to purchase necessary classroom materials.

Alemany has made every attempt to use digital books, which range from $15 - $30 on average. For some classes, publishers do not offer a digital book, so other texts may still be required in a limited number of cases.

In addition, some classes may require paid apps. Please refer to each course's syllabus in Canvas or contact teachers for details.

Q. How do I purchase my digital books?

A. Teachers will provide an online list of the digital books you will need in each course's syllabus in Canvas, including how/where to acquire them.

Q. My student already has a tablet device, can't they just use that?

A. Alemany has requirements for iPads that can be found here. Certain iPads are not recommended or supported.

Q. What if my iPad is damaged, lost, or stolen?

A. Alemany strongly suggests purchasing insurance so that schoolwork will not be affected in case of iPad loss. Since the iPad is student-owned, it is the student’s responsibility to replace an iPad if it is damaged, lost, or stolen.

Q. Can my student purchase personal apps and use them on the iPad?

A. Yes! We hope the student will use the iPad at school AND at home. With parent permission, students may use their AppleID to purchase any appropriate apps from the App Store for use on their iPad.

Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for more information.

Q. Can I jailbreak my iPad?

A. Although iPads are student-owned, Alemany is unable to provide any kind of support for jailbroken iPads. Jailbroken iPads are no longer using Apple-certified software and may be incompatible with academic use.


Q. Is Alemany monitoring what my student does with their iPad?

A. While the device is on campus we filter its connection to the internet so that only approved sites are viewable. When the device is off-campus parents are responsible for what their students do with the iPad.

(Alemany has no control over the use of iPads with cellular data service)

Q. My student has never had an iPad! Will there be training?

A. Students will learn proper iPad use while attending Alemany. We have also included references to helpful iPad information in the Support section to the right. Alemany Summer School also offers a "21st Century Study Skills: Being Academically Prepared" course that provides formal technology training. More information can be found at the Summer School section.