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2023-24 Uniform

Uniform is required on all school days, including field trips, unless otherwise authorized by the Administration. When in doubt, the student should wear the uniform.
There are several important reasons for the uniform code.

• The first is that dress represents values, both religious and cultural. Bishop Alemany, as a Catholic school, cannot allow
 clothing and accessories that are counter to religious values of modesty, respect for others and self-respect.

• Cultural trends that come and go often embrace attitudes directly opposed to religious and cultural values held over the
centuries by civilized people. For example, oversized, baggy clothing and shaved heads can indicate gang/crew affiliation.
Neatness, cleanliness, and simplicity are cultural values prized over generations.

• A second good reason is for practical purposes. Good dress produces good behavior and morale. Looking good enhances self-

• A third reason is a social one. Bishop Alemany presents itself to the public as something special: a religious school wit
strong values. The proper dress of our students shows a little bit of whom we are to others.

• A fourth reason is that uniform provides for justice and equality for students of differing socio-economic status.


Regular Uniform: The uniform must be purchased from Dennis Uniform at

Girls’ Regular Uniform


Boys’ Regular Uniform


Polo Shirt

Alemany White or Cardinal polo

Polo Shirt

Alemany White or Cardinal polo

*Oxford Shirt

Dennis Uniform short sleeve or long sleeve white Oxford shirt with Alemany crest.

*Oxford Shirt

Dennis Uniform short sleeve or long sleeve white Oxford shirt with Alemany crest.

Dennis Uniform Shorts

Khaki w/ school logo Shorts must be worn fitted to the waist and no shorter than 4 inches above the knees, no rolled or cuffed shorts.

Dennis Uniform Shorts

Khaki w/ school logo Undergarments must be covered at all times. Shorts are to be worn fitted to the waist and should stop at the top of the knees.

Dennis Uniform Pants

Pants must be worn fitted to the waist and tailored to the correct length, just touching the top of the shoe. No rolled or cuffed pants.

Dennis Uniform Pants

Pants must be worn fitted to the waist and tailored to the correct length, just touching the top of the shoe. Undergarments must be covered at all times. Sagging pants are not acceptable.

*Dennis Uniform Skirt

Gray or Plaid

Length of skirt must be at the top of the knee.

(Junior sizes required - Students are not permitted to purchase “Girls” sizes without dean approval).

*Dennis Uniform Gray Slacks

Gray Dress Slacks (See Uniform Pants)

All uniform clothing must be purchased from Dennis Uniform.



Unisex Items:

Short sleeve polo shirts purchased only from the Dennis Uniform Company in white or cardinal with the Alemany logo. Short sleeve polo shirts are to be worn at all times! This includes under school sweatshirts and jackets.

Note: Only a plain white, black, or light gray T-shirt, round necked sweatshirt or turtleneck may be worn under the uniform shirt.

Athletic team and club polo shirts may also be worn (if approved by the Deans Office). All shirts are to be worn in accordance with the dress code. Shirts cannot be rolled up under the sleeves and do not cut/alter shirts. (This does not include fan gear or spirit wear).

Sweatshirts/Pullover Jackets/Sweaters
Only approved Bishop Alemany sweatshirts, pullover jackets or sweaters worn over an Alemany polo are acceptable.

Shoes are to cover the entire foot. No open toe/heel shoes are allowed. No sandals, flip-flops, slippers, or clogs. No high heels. No footless tights or leggings. Solid colored tights in white, black, or gray are allowed.

The only acceptable jackets are solid color heavy winter jackets or rain jackets that have no wording or insignia.

Blankets are not permitted during school hours.


  1. Student uniform clothing must be the proper size. The midriff area must be completely covered.

  2. Hair must be clean, neat, and free from spikes, bizarre hairstyles, or bizarre coloring. Only natural
    colors are permitted, no two-tone styles. Boys' hair is to be trimmed at the collar in the back, to the bottom of the ears on the sides and kept out of the face. Bald or shaved hairstyles are prohibited – must be at least 1⁄4 inch. Sideburns may only extend to the bottom of the ear. Bizarre or exaggerated hairstyles prohibited. No Mohawks or “Fauxhawks” or any similar style.
    The Deans may consider any “fad” hairstyle inappropriate. Final determination of the appropriateness of any hairstyle or hair color rests with the Deans.

  3. Students must be clean-shaven; only moustaches are permitted.

  4. No excessive jewelry, chains or exaggerated and or bizarre make-up. Wallet chains of any kind are not
    allowed. One stud earring or one hoop earring per ear is permitted for the boys. Earrings in the same manner of style as gauges, expanders, or spikes are not permitted. The ear is the only part of the body that may be pierced.

  5. No tattoos are allowed. Students with previous tattoos are required to have them completely covered within the dress code guidelines at school and at all school related functions.

  6. Clothing must be in good condition and free from alterations, tears, or excessive damage.

  7. Only neutral colored contact lenses are allowed.

  8. No hats of any type, bandanas, sweatbands, or beanies are to be worn on campus.

  9. Sunglasses may not be worn in the classrooms.

  10. The hoods on jackets and sweatshirt must not cover the head when the student is in class.


Formal Dress Code: (refer to Dress Code Chart)*
Mandatory for Mass Days & Designate Special Occasion days. Required for select clubs TBA. Girls: Oxford shirt with crest; & uniform tie; Dennis skirt or Dennis slacks
Boys: Oxford shirt with crest, & uniform tie; Dennis slacks-grey or khaki
Unisex: Uniform cardinal sweater vest, button up, or pullover sweater with school crest.

No sweatshirts or shorts are permitted on these days.

Spirit Wear Days:
Spirit Wear Fridays - Students may wear approved Alemany polo shirts and/or Alemany sweatshirts designated as fan gear or spirit wear. (i.e.) Approved polo shirts or sweatshirts purchased from school fundraisers or from school events. 

Alternative Dress Code Days
Casual Dress – Clothing should be appropriate for school and of a modest nature.
Alternative Dress Code is to be worn by students ONLY when authorized by the Administration.

All Students:

  • Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and blouses should be without any inappropriate emblems or lettering. Girl’s tops should be appropriate and of a modest nature.

  • Pants and walking shorts may be worn. Shorts and skirts must be no higher than 4 inches above the knee. Jeans may be worn as long as they are free from rips, holes or tears.

  • No tight (spandex) fitting clothing including yoga pants, leggings, tights, etc...

  • No inappropriate off the shoulder, sleeveless, or sheer clothing.

  • All shoes must be close-toed and close-heeled.

  • No tank tops or spaghetti straps or tube tops are allowed. Tops must be modest (covering cleavage & midriff).

  • Clothing must fit properly.

  • No pajama tops or bottoms.

  • No hats or beanies.

    School Activities
    The uniform code for school functions and activities requires that students be cleanly and properly dressed. The nature of the activity dictates the type of dress that is appropriate. At no time is any bizarre, immodest, or oversized type of apparel permitted.