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Canvas Observer Setup

Alemany has upgraded our technology platforms to increase security. One result is a new Parent Observer process where every parent has to pair themselves with their students. 
Some parents may need to create a new Canvas Observer account with a different email address if the Pairing option is not available in Settings or if they encounter any issues. 
If you have an existing Canvas Observer account and the website version of Canvas informs you that your email address is already in use, try the following:
  • Open the Canvas Parent App (iOS)
  • Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines on the top-left)
  • Tap Manage Students
  • Tap the + sign at the top-right
  • Enter the Student Pairing Code
If you have multiple students, please use the Canvas Parent App (Manage Students in Settings) to add more than one student. We apologize for the inconvenience. 
Please use the following guides to add an observer to student accounts. 
Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk for any questions. Any email address can be used to "sign in".