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ASB Structure

Bishop Alemany ASB 


The Student Government at Bishop Alemany is comprised of two groups: Elected Officers (Student Body and Class) and Commissioners. Each position has a unique set of responsibilities; however all positions work together to form the Associated Student Body.  ASB meets various days before school and after classes to accomplish both meetings and projects


The Associated Student Body (ASB) is an opportunity for students to be involved in the day–to-day governance of Alemany and in a variety of special events. ASB represents the entire student body population and act as a liaison to the Administration and community. The Associated Student Body works to assist in furthering the school’s mission, provide constructive input, as well as design and coordinate student activities and community events. 


Executive Student Body Officers

The Executive Student Body Officers hold the four highest positions in ASB and report directly to the ASB Director and Administration. This school year Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will elect the ASB President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer for the 2022-2023 school year. 


The ASB Officers spend an average of 8 to 15 hours a week planning and overseeing school events including but not limited to: Athletic Events, Rallies, Dances, Intramurals, School Spirit and Community Outreach Events. Due to the amount of prior knowledge needed to fulfill these offices, one-year prior experience in ASB is required. For students without prior ASB experience that are still interested in running for secretary or treasurer, you may meet with Mrs. Corcoran to discuss options.


Class Officers

Each class elects its own President and Vice President. These offices have a set of duties unique to their class needs and require additional time commitment outside of the regular class hours. Fundraising is required at each class level and is a yearlong effort. Class Officers report to both the ASB Director and their Class Moderator. Senior Class Officers spend substantial time overseeing and planning Senior events, fundraisers and Prom. Strong organization skills, attention to detail and follow through are critical to successful fulfill the duties required.


ASB Commissioners

It must be understood that although you are applying for a specific commission, all students appointed or elected to ASB will be involved in every ASB event. Every ASB student, regardless of office, will be required to prepare, set-up, conduct, and clean-up every single ASB event. You will also have the opportunity to serve on various committees, even if they do not fall under your specific commission.  


Spirit Commission (4-6 students): 

  • Responsible for all aspects of the planning, preparation, and execution of pep rallies. 
  • Will hold Spirit committee meetings with interested members of ASB to think of new and creative ideas for rallies and assemblies, plan and prepare for upcoming rallies, and evaluate previous ones. 
  • Responsible for the flow of each rally by acting as MC on the mic.  
  • Works closely with the Social Commission on creating an agenda for Homecoming Spirit Week. 
  • Responsible for proposing and implementing spirit days throughout the school year. 
  • Responsible for developing class spirit competition days/activities.  
  • Works closely with several other commissions, including Social, Athletic, Publicity & Artistry, and Tech & Media on the planning of pep rallies and any other spirit related events throughout the school year.  
  • Coordinates and develops new ways to increase school spirit at all school events and sporting events. 
  • Should be comfortable speaking to crowds, detail oriented, excellent at time management, creative, able to take constructive criticism, and able to think on your feet quickly. 


Social Commission (4-6 students): 

  • Responsible for all aspects of school dances, including Luau and Homecoming Dance. This includes the planning, preparation, set-up, execution, and clean-up of these dances.  
  • Responsible for the planning, set-up, execution, and clean-up of the Homecoming half-time show. 
  • Works closely with the Spirit Commission on creating an agenda of activities for Homecoming Spirit Week.  
  • Works closely with several other commissions, including Spirit, Publicity & Artistry, Tech & Media on the planning of dances and any other events developed throughout the school year.  
  • Responsible for developing new social activities for students. 
  • Should be creative, detail oriented, organized, excel at time management, and able to communicate clearly and appropriately with both students and adults. 

Publicity & Artistry (4-6 students): 

  • Responsible for drawing all banners, flyers, posters, and other hand drawn material for all school events and athletics. (All of ASB will assist with painting) 
  • Responsible for assisting with athlete banners for senior nights. 
  • Responsible for creating the special artwork and backdrops for pep rallies, dances, and other school events.  
  • Must be able to letter banners and flyers neatly, creatively, and attractively.  
  • At least 2-3 of the students in this commission MUST have artistic abilities and talents. (Please bring examples of your work to your interview) 
  • Works closely with many other commissions, including Spirit, Social, Sunnyside, and Athletics on the planning and preparation of many school activities.  
  • Works closely with the Tech & Media and Historian Commissions to create materials to promote ASB events.  
  • Must be artistically talented. Should also be detail oriented, organized, and excel at time management.  

Athletics (3-5 students): 

  • Responsible for the preparation and set-up of all senior nights.  
  • Works with the Spirit Commissioner and coaches to in arranging the participation of athletic teams at pep rallies.  
  • Works with the Top 4 ASB Officers to coordinate and develop themes for War Zone. 
  • Arranges and maintains a program of spirited lunch time athletic games and activities. Examples: kickball, frisbee, or basketball tournaments. 
  • Develops and maintains a system of announcements or social media posts that advertise games, announce results of games, and acknowledge athletes.  
  • Works with the Top 4 ASB Officers and Administration to develop a system for “Games of the Week” and “Athletes of the Month”. 
  • Should be comfortable speaking to crowds, detail oriented, excellent at time management, able to take constructive criticism, and able to think on your feet quickly. 

Sunnyside (3-4 students): 

  • Helps to promote a positive and supportive school environment by planning events and theme weeks that focus on kindness, wellness, and recognition. Possible events might include Kindness Weeks, Wellness Weeks, Final Exam Survival Care Packages, among others. 
  • Aims to appreciate students, staff, and faculty for their hard work and dedication to BAHS. 
  • Aims to create an inclusive school environment where all students feel welcome and acknowledged.
  • Ensures students, faculty and staff are recognized on their birthday. 
  • Responsible for activities and programs that celebrate and acknowledge ASB members. 
  • This is a new commission thus specific programs, events, and activities will be developed after students are appointed to the commission. Because of this, commissioners will have a lot of influence in determining the direction and actions of this commission.  

Tech & Media (3-5 students): 

  • Responsible for operating the A/V equipment for most ASB events. (Training will be provided) 
  • Responsible for creating slideshows, videos, and digital media for promoting ASB events and to be used during ASB events. 
  • Responsible for all ASB electronic equipment. 
  • Works closely with the Historian Commission to document ASB events through videos. 
  • Responsible for working with the Historian Commission and Director of ASB to create a digital scrapbook and year-end video for ASB. 
  • Coordinates all technological aspects of ASB activities.  
  • Works closely with many other commissions, including Spirit, Social, Publicity & Artistry, Historian and Athletics.
  • May work with the staff of BATV as needed for activities.  
  • Must have experience creating videos and slideshows that are entertaining and creative. (Please bring examples of your work to your interview along with an iPad or laptop) 
  • Should have some experience with A/V equipment.  

Historian (2-4 students): 

  • Responsible for documenting all aspects of ASB events through photographs. 
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining online scrapbooks of ASB events, both internally (just for ASB) and externally (viewed by the school community and beyond). 
  • Responsible for photography at some athletic events. 
  • Works with the Tech & Media Commission to document ASB events with video footage. 
  • Works with the Publicity & Artistry and Tech & Media Commissions to create slideshows, videos, digital graphics to be used to promote ASB events.  
  • May work with the staff of BATV as needed. 

ASB Cabinet (4-12 students): 

In addition to the above commissions, we will be appointing a group of ASB Cabinet positions. These students will be full members of ASB, working with every commission and class, but will not be directly accountable to any specific commission. Ideally, we will have Cabinet positions from each grade level, 9-12. Cabinet members will work closely with the two elected officers from their grade. For example, sophomore Cabinet members will work closely with the Sophomore President and Vice-President. This is also a great position for a student who is new to ASB and wants to gain experience for the future. 

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Congratulations to the 2022-2023 ASB Commissioners....


Social Commission 

Isabella Dominguez

Luna Gutierrez

Kayla Mayuyu

Emma Messervier

Madison Molina

Ashley Polanco 


Spirit Commission

Sara Ascencio

Lexie Firestone

Justin Hart

Ryland Lazo

Kaylee Mateo


Athletics Commission 

Alaina Armstrong

Gabriel Arzate

Andrew Garcia

Jayce McDonald

Daniel Ramirez


Publicity & Artistry Commission

Charlize Adano

Kate Agapin

Charielette Concepcion

Kate Hackney

Hoshimi Martin 


Sunnyside Commission

Christy Do

Kelly Hollestelle

Isabella Magana

Hannah Sinnema

Hailey Swerdloff


Historian Commission

Noelia Andrade

Maya Baqueiro

Natalie Dawud

Hope Villalobos


Tech & Media Commission

Katherine Gaudet 

Anthony Reed

Victorio Torres 


ASB Cabinet 

Chloe Crump

Isabella Guerra

Josh Habell

Hayden Harper

Nicholas Maalouf

Franklin Monroy

Lana Nunez

Diego Ortega

Rania Paredes

Samantha Swerdloff