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Principal's Welcome

Dear Students and Parents,

I am honored to serve you as the Interim Principal of Bishop Alemany High School. Both myself and the extended administrative team are committed to providing you with a strong end to our school year while laying the foundation for an exciting and innovative school year ahead. While education has had much to overcome these last few years, Bishop Alemany is devoted to meeting the moment with a progressive plan that is both forward-thinking while honoring the rich traditions of our school.  

Since its inception in 1956, Alemany has overcome a number of challenges, but the one constant that has remained is Alemany's resiliency. I knew this from the day I first set foot on the campus in 1992 as an incoming freshman. While the L.A. Riots raged on the week I tried out for freshman cheer, I felt safe on campus. My future coaches, teachers, and mentors cared for and embraced me from day one. It was then that I knew Alemany was different and that this place is special. While the main campus location has moved across the street due to the 1994 Northridge Earthquake and the mascot has changed (Go, Warriors!), the spirit and essence of Alemany remains and lives vividly every day. It is the same feeling my own mother had when she came to Alemany as an incoming freshman in 1970. She was so excited for me to experience the joy she felt during her four years here. I had the privilege of experiencing this same joy and it is my personal mission to provide this same experience to our students and families. 

To our parent community: we know investing in a private school education is no easy feat, but I can testify from personal experience that it pays back dividends throughout the entirety of a person’s life. Thank you for the ways you support the teachers, the school, and Catholic education. You ought to be commended. Parenting isn’t easy and your role is so crucial to the proper formation of the Alemany family. Thank you for being a part of this family!

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Andrea Chavez
Interim Principal