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Bishop Alemany Moves To President-Principal Model in 2019-20 School Year

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, Bishop Alemany will be moving to the President-Principal model of governance. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has begun a nationwide search to find the best possible person for this new positionThanks to the generosity of a grant from the Daniel Murphy Foundation, we are able to finance this change without any fiscal impact to our parents.    The President at Bishop Alemany H.S. will be an outward-facing CEO entrepreneur and institution-builder. I intend to continue as Principal of Bishop Alemany, but with an adjusted role as an inward-facing COO who is the academic leader of teaching, learning, and best practice.  As Principal of Bishop Alemany, I am looking forward to spending more of my time with the academic excellence of Alemany rather than the day-to-day fiscal and public relations needs of the school.

Over the last quarter century that I have been in Catholic leadership, the job of a Catholic high school principal has become increasingly complex.  Most principals started as good teachers who were interested in curriculum and data and found that they became the overseers of fundraising, marketing and high-level business matters.

The most successful Catholic high schools today now rely on expertise in all those areas in order to have success in today’s competitive world. The President-Principal Model allows the president to focus on the overall direction of the school, while the principal manages the day-to-day requirements of an excellent educational program. All of our competing Catholic high schools in the San Fernando Valley currently utilize this model of governance.

This model requires the Alemany President and Principal to collaborate closely as partners in Alemany’s success and have a united vision of what the school is and will become and, most importantly, share responsibility for the mission of an Archdiocesan Catholic high school, to pass on and encourage the Catholic identity and faith of our entire school community.

My experience in chairing accreditation teams for the last 20 years is that the President-Principal Model is a powerful leadership model and has helped Catholic high schools in the archdiocese and elsewhere become more successful institutions then they were before that model. There is no question that this new model that will begin at Alemany in July, along with strong leadership by the development of an effective Board, will have a tremendous impact on our growth and sustainability, bringing the resources necessary for us to be the finest academic institution possible.

Please click on the link below to read the official announcement from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.


Dr. Chambers

Bishop Alemany President Position Announcement