Bishop Alemany High School

2019 Warrior Fall Raffle

It is time for our annual school raffle…our opportunity to keep your tuition as low as we possibly can.  Raffle ticket distribution begins today.   That means that either today or tomorrow, your son or daughter will receive an envelope which contains Warrior raffle tickets.  Please ask them for these tickets because they are numbered and total $200 in value.  Also, please look for the flyer included in the packet.  That will explain the entire process of this mandatory fundraiser.  You can also click below to see the Warrior Fall Raffle Flyer as well.  

Each envelope is marked with your child’s name.  Tickets will only be distributed to your eldest son or daughter, so if you have 2 or more children enrolled, only the oldest will receive a set of tickets.  Again, please ask your son or daughter for these tickets.  Your son or daughter has signed for them. Thank you for your help to allow us to offer the finest Catholic high school education anywhere while keeping your tuition as low as possible.