AP Spanish Literature Students Visit St. John’s Seminary

Bishop Alemany High School's top AP Spanish students and Mr. Pimentel made a trip to St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo to assist with evaluating the Spanish speaking skills of Deacons being ordained this May (2020) for various dioceses in California.  The Deacons did a Gospel reading and homily in Spanish before being asked pastoral type questions by our students in Spanish.  Students then completed evaluation forms that will be used to help place the future priests in parishes with varying degrees of Spanish speaking populations. 

It was a great opportunity for the very best of Alemany's Spanish speaking students to show off their skills and learn about the priesthood process.  The professors at St. John’s were impressed with the students and had high praise for them and their abilities.  We thank 12th grade students Nicole Chavez, Esperanza Torres, Rebecca Torres, and Devin Martinez for representing Alemany in such a positive way. ¡Vámos Warriors!