Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Catholic education is at the very heart of our faith. It is not something extra. Some people wonder, why does the Catholic Church operate schools? What makes Catholic education different?

The Church’s teaching mission flows directly from the teaching mission of Jesus. He taught his apostles and disciples and sent them on a mission to change the world. The same is true for the young women and men at Bishop Alemany High School. They have also been given a mission—to be good citizens, to contribute to society, to follow the Gospel. Because we know that God created us for greater things than just this world, we know that He wants us to transform the world, to reshape it into the world God wants it to be.

Never has this Catholic school difference been more important than this year. At a time when many families are frustrated that our school buildings have been closed and our children are learning remotely from home, our Alemany families have trusted in the difference that a Catholic education makes. Together, we have weathered this most difficult year. Our teachers and staff pivoted seamlessly to remote learning, and our students are doing well. We have called upon every ounce of strength our faith can offer as together we have built community virtually, encouraged each other through difficulty, and never wavered from our commitment to excellence.

Infused in everything we do is the understanding that our children are personally commissioned by Christ to bring His light to the world, to transform the world! Woven into our curriculum at Bishop Alemany High School is an authentic understanding of the relationship between faith and reason, of who we are as persons and how we are called to relate to one another, and the unshakeable knowledge that we are all sons and daughters of God, created for a mission.

Now more than ever, our world is in need of transformation. Students at Bishop Alemany High School will remember this year for the rest of their lives. They have watched the news and participated in discussions. They have been invited to look with faith at the challenges of our day. It is our great prayer that when these students leave Alemany, they will be equipped with the rigor, the virtue and the hope needed to overcome our current challenges and transform the world for good! Catholic education, with an emphasis on critical thinking and social justice, will serve our students well in our changing reality.

This year has truly been a challenging one. When I took on the role to be Principal at Bishop Alemany, I never dreamed that I would spend so much time alone on campus, without the joy of seeing your sons and daughters learning and growing each day. As a parent, I understand the frustration and exhaustion we are all experiencing. Each day, we pray that we will be able to welcome our students back to campus very soon.

We thank you for your trust in Bishop Alemany High School. We thank you for your encouragement. May God continue to bless our Alemany families, our faculty and staff, and our students with his love and protection. May our Blessed Mother keep you safe and healthy. May we all be back together soon.



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