Bishop Alemany High School

Alemany’s iPad Integration

Technological innovation has arrived at Bishop Alemany High School with its new 1:1 iPad program that revolutionizes how students learn and interact with their teachers and peers. There are many convenient applications, such as iBooks and Kno, which store multiple ebooks and promote interactive learning. 
Along with the introduction of iPads, Alemany has integrated a new learning management system, Canvas. Canvas acts as a portfolio that is personalized to the courses and activities of each student. Homework and class assignments are now submitted and graded digitally through Canvas. 
Bishop Alemany High School has also begun the process of providing students with academic apps that prove resourceful among students. One of these resourceful academic apps is Notability, which allows students to take notes and complete assignments in an organized and intuitive manner. The iPad not only caters to the academic needs of students and teachers, but can also produce a source of entertainment outside of school. Overall, the integration of the new iPad program allows further academic development among the entire Bishop Alemany community. 

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