Nathan Byrd (10th), Mason Briggs (9th), Tanner Briggs (10th), Trevor Briggs (12th), Jacob Meade (9th), and Ryan Meyer (10th) awarded the Chi Rho.

Nathan Byrd, Mason Briggs, Tanner Briggs, Trevor Briggs, Jacob Meade, and Ryan Meyer were all awarded with the highest level of religious achievement in Catholic scouting, the Chi Rho. The Chi Rho entails earning 4 emblems over a period of 9 years and is earned by less that 1% of all scouts who also attain their Eagle Rank.
The ceremony took place in May at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Father Norm (Assistant Chaplain of the Catholic Committee for Scouting for the LA Archdiocese) was one of the presiders.