Bishop Alemany High School

More than a Mural

Genean Jue thought her art teacher, Mr. Crespo, was only joking when he said she could have an entire wall to paint for herself. An aspiring artist in her senior year, Jue took the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the Bishop Alemany campus by painting a mural in the art wing of the school. The mural is inspired by historic pieces of art, spanning from works like “American Gothic” to the “Mona Lisa”. Stylized versions of these pieces were painted on the wall to seem as if they all flowed together as one.
“I wanted to express how everything falls into place…They're not just separate, secluded works of art, but a work of art altogether”, states Jue.
The actual creation of the large mural spanned almost an entire year, making it overwhelming and difficult to stay focused at times. Her vision constantly changed and evolved, but the final product is one that adds color and spirit to the campus. Although this is her last year as a student, Genean Jue’s fantastic art piece will remain a key aspect of Alemany and will inspire resident artists for years to come.
Article Credit: Frankie Gunther 
Photo Credit: Anne Marie Aguas