Bishop Alemany High School

United as One

by F. Girty and I. Donovan
For the 2018-2019 school year, the Alemany Community will embody the true meaning of unity, with the liturgical theme of “One God, Father of All”. As conveyed by Donald Levan, director of Campus Ministry, “Although we’re different, although we have different perspectives and different ideas, [those are] not necessarily the reasons to think we’re not still united. We may have our differences, but that is all so more the reason to be united together.” Levan points out that you should not “be ugly in the way that you act towards people.”
As a community of faith, the faculty and students are united, with their belief of recognizing one God. We may not all come from the same background, but we all have the ability to be united towards a common good. It is ultimately up to us to act upon it. Levan hopes that the students will be able to reflect on this theme in all of their classes - especially in religion.
He also references Dr. David Chambers’ morning addresses regarding unification. “One God, Father of All means to soften our hearts towards one another,” says Levan. He concludes by stating, “We all need to be in life together and that we need to have soft hands towards one another, not hearts.“