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Frequently Asked Questions

Bishop Alemany High School
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tuition Assistance applications
Q.  Who may apply for tuition assistance?
A. Anyone may apply for tuition assistance. However, our applicant pool is highly talented and funds are limited, so tuition assistance decisions are based primarily on financial need in addition to student academics, conduct and leadership. Families enrolling at the School should also be aware that it is unlikely they will receive tuition assistance in future years if they do not apply for tuition assistance upon initial application to the School, or are unable to clearly demonstrate a significant, unexpected financial reversal.
Q. Does applying for tuition assistance influence the admissions decision?
A. The admissions process is need-blind, meaning that the committee is not aware of who has applied for tuition assistance when evaluating applicants, so that it cannot affect the outcome of a student’s application. The Tuition Assistance Office is committed to assisting qualified applicants such that financial status should not dissuade any outstanding student from applying.
Q. What is the Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Award?
A. This is a DIRECT GRANT FROM CEF, which historically has been up to $1,500 or $2,000 per family, based on financial need and meeting strict income guidelines. An award is valid for one year only and must be applied for each year. CEF adheres to a strict income guideline, please see application link. See the PDF application for detailed instructions and requirements.  
Q. What is the Bishop Alemany High School Tuition Assistance Program (FACTS Grant & Aid)?
A. To be eligible for financial aid at Bishop Alemany High School, a family must complete a FACTS Grant & Aid application and demonstrate financial need based on criteria established by the school.  The Bishop Alemany Financial Aid Committee reviews the initial application and need determination from FACTS Grand & Aid.  Final aid decisions are always based on the committee's assessment of an applicant's needs and the budgeted funds available.  Unfortunately, there is always a greater demand for aid than there are resources.  Information reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee and discussions within committee meetings are strictly confidential and restricted to the committee itself.  The applications are managed through FACTS Grand & Aid through an on-line application at   Applicants may be denied due to budget constraints.
Q. Are there other criteria considered when awarding assistance? 
A. Tuition Assistance at Bishop Alemany High School is awarded based on a family's demonstrated financial need. A GPA of 2.00 and good citizenship are requirements for tuition assistance and are considered by the Tuition Assistance Committee when reviewing requests each year from students/families continuing at the School. All families awarded tuition assistance must sign a Tuition Assistance Agreement which delineates the School's expectations regarding a student's performance while attending the School.
Q. How is a family's need determined?
A. Financial need is defined as the difference between tuition and fees at Bishop Alemany and a family's ability to pay.  Bishop Alemany, through the FACTS calculation process, assesses the financial strength of each family by taking into account many factors.  Major factors considered are income (both taxable and nontaxable) and expenses, assets (home equity, real estate, savings, etc.)  and indebtedness, family size, and number of children attending tuition-charging schools or in full time day care.  The FACTS standard calculation considers these factors and determines each family's effective income.  Out of this income, a portion is protected for necessities. The remaining income is defined as discretionary income.  A standard percentage of this discretionary income is allocated towards education.  Financial aid awards reflect the difference between this amount and the sum of tuition and fees. 
Q. Is tuition assistance automatically renewed each year?
A. Students receiving tuition assistance are required to re-apply each year if continued tuition assistance is desired. In extending tuition assistance to a student and their family, Bishop Alemany High School attempts to support the continued attendance of the student through graduation, pending her satisfactory performance overall and continued financial need. If the Family's financial ability to contribute to the student's education increases, the level of aid awarded will decrease accordingly.
Q. Does tuition assistance cover other School expenses?
A. Tuition assistance awards only cover the cost of Tuition, which is the essential part of a Bishop Alemany High School education. Tuition assistance does not cover other expenses, such as Registration fees. Other fees not covered are Zero Period, AP Fees, iPADS, activity fees, lab fees, bus service, required School retreats etc. Tuition assistance does not cover the cost of optional expenses, such as extracurricular sports programs or ASB activities.
Q. What about separated, divorced or single parents?
A. In the case of divorced or separated parents, or parents that have never married, the School will now change their policy and will now consider the income and assets of both parents, custodial as well as non-custodial, before making any award. If either parent has remarried, the School considers financial circumstances of the step-parent, always bearing in mind the obligation of that step-parent to his or her other children. The School cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for education expenses. Naturally, each separated or divorced case is unique and may require further clarification and communication with the Tuition Assistance Committee.
Q. How do I apply for Bishop Alemany High School Tuition Assistance?
A. FACTS Grant & Aid information is available on-line only beginning in November. Your application will be considered incomplete until all documents requested are submitted and verified.
Q. Where or who do I contact should I require further assistance with the application process?
A. Please contact the following departments:
  • Facts Grant & Aid at 1-866-315-9262 for Help or Questions with online process (they do have a Spanish speaking help desk)
  •  Please email
Q.  How will Tuition Assistance recipients be notified?
A.  For all CEF Applicants, they will be directly notified by CEF.  For BAHS Facts Grant and Aid applicants they will be notified once BAHS determines the amount of funds available for next school year.
Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook which can be found at for any further questions you may have about Bishop Alemany High School and or the Tuition Assistance Programs.
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