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2019 Summer School


 All classes will meet four days week for six weeks with the exception of the SAT Preparation.  All classes will be in session from June 10 through July 18, 2019 unless noted otherwise.  Classes will not meet on Fridays with the exception of Friday, June 14th when classes will meet. School will not be in session July 4 and 5. 

 REGISTRATION:  BEFORE REGISTERING, ALEMANY STUDENTS SHOULD MEET WITH THEIR COUNSELOR TO DISCUSS COURSE SELECTION.  Students may leave registration form and payment at the Tuition Office. Registration and payment may also be mailed to Alemany.   Final regular registration will take place on Thursday, June 6, 2019, and Friday, June 7, 2019 from 8:00am to 12pm on the West Campus.  Tuition for Summer School must be paid in full by this date.  There is no financial aid available for Summer School. All forms can be found online at 

NON-ALEMANY STUDENTS:  Please print forms which can be found at or they can be picked up in the Main office at Alemany and either mailed in or brought to our Main Office.  These forms will include the Registration form, Summer School Agreement form, Medical release and Emergency form, and Approval form for Non-Alemany students.  The Approval Form must be filled out by your home school.  In addition to tuition, non-Alemany students will be charged a $150 non–refundable registration fee. IPads may be required for some classes and may be rented for an additional fee. Any borrowed iPad must be turned in on the last day of summer session in order for your transcripts to be forwarded to your home school for school credit.   Depending on the class, there may be an additional charge for digital books.    It is recommended that non-Alemany students register either by mail before May 31st or in person on June 6th or June 7th.

 LATE REGISTRATION:  Students may register late Monday, June 10th from 9:00am to noon.  The course cost for late registration is $325 per class.

REQUEST FOR SPECIFIC CLASS TIME: Must be submitted in writing by May 31st.  Every effort will be made to honor such requests whenever possible.  No refunds will be given for students who withdraw because of class scheduling. 

Parents need not accompany students the first day of class if they have completed registration. Students merely report to their class on the first day of class. 

WITHDRAWAL POLICY:  A full refund will be given if Bishop Alemany High School must cancel class due to non-sufficient enrollment or other staffing issues.  Since the annual Summer School budget, the hiring of teachers and staff, and the purchase of supplies are based upon the numbers of students attending Summer School, if a student withdraws for any reason, any tuition or fees will be forfeit and not refunded.

ATTENDANCE:  Students who are absent more than three (3) days from any class will not be considered as having fulfilled their Summer School requirement. Every three (3) tardies to the same class will be treated as a day’s absence from that class.  


IMPORTANT: Any course failed during this present semester must also be made up this summer.  However, school policy requires any student who accumulates three (3) or more failing grades during the same school year to withdraw from Alemany.

FINAL EXAMS:  All final exams will be given on July 18, 2019.  There will be no exceptions.