Non-Alemany Student Forms

NON-ALEMANY STUDENTS: Please print forms which can be found below. These forms will include the 2023 Registration form, 2023 Summer School Agreement Form, Medical Release and Emergency Form, and Approval form for non-Alemany students. The Approval Form must be filled out by your home school. In addition to tuition, non-Alemany students will be charged a $150 non–refundable registration fee.  iPads may be required for some classes Depending on the class, there may be an additional charge for digital books.  It is recommended that non-Alemany students register by mail before May 19.  Registration will be accepted if received by June 9. 


LATE REGISTRATION: The course cost for late registration is $425 per class. 


WITHDRAWAL POLICY: A full refund will be given if Bishop Alemany High School must cancel class due to non-sufficient enrollment or other staffing issues.  Since the annual Summer School budget, the hiring of teachers and staff, and the purchase of supplies are based upon the numbers of students attending Summer School, if a student withdraws for any reason (including attendance and/or discipline), any tuition or fees will be forfeit and not refunded. 


FINAL EXAMS: All final exams will be given on July 18, 2023. (ATTENDANCE MANDATORY).