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Computer Science is all about solving real-world problems. 

It’s been around for years, but it’s becoming more important than ever in today’s world where technology is ubiquitous. Rollercoasters, elevators, traffic signals, and even refrigerators: technology is everywhere. Now more than ever, we need a basic knowledge of computer science just to understand and thrive in the world around us.


But what is Computer Science? Is it simply being able to use a computer? Or write code?


In the courses we offer, we use the definition:

"Computer Science is the study of how we use computers to solve human problems."


This definition focuses on the problem-solving aspect of computer science and, as such, the central theme for each of the computer science courses is problem-solving. Students develop solutions that can scale up from simple problems to complex problems, while simultaneously developing a highly beneficial and marketable skill.


Bishop Alemany High School already offers multiple courses for different grade levels, none of which require prior computer science experience. Our Intro to Computer Science course is perfect for freshmen and sophomores of all levels of experience and ability, while our AP Computer Science courses are great for juniors and seniors seeking a challenge and an incredibly rewarding course of study. 


Through our partnership with the Amazon Future Engineers program, Bishop Alemany is able to offer students the highest quality education in computer science and provide rare opportunities - opportunities which include chances at scholarships and internships through Amazon - should the student choose to remain in the program. However, all students can benefit greatly from a working knowledge of computer science, regardless of interest and future goals. Coding truly is for everyone!