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Academic Programs

Bishop Alemany aims to help all students develop and meet their academic goals.
Recognizing that students come to us with a wide variety of academic backgrounds, we have developed various pathways for our students. Each pathway leads to college admission.

Initial placement in one of our programs is based on entering students’ placement test scores and a careful evaluation of the 7th and 8th grade academic record. Once a student is placed in a program, student achievement is closely monitored. Any student may work his or her way into a more challenging program of studies.

Students with high placement test scores and an exemplary 7th/8th grade record will be placed in our Honors Program. The goal of this program is to challenge high achievers to develop at a very high academic level; preparing for admission to the most selective colleges and universities in the nation.

At entrance, all Alemany students will be expected to be on the path to four –year college acceptance. All will be expected to meet the admission requirements for the Cal State and University of California systems (as well as most private colleges) and will benefit from close monitoring by our Counseling Department.

Some students will begin their high school years in need of extra assistance. We offer special support to help these students succeed and get on the path to entrance into a college or university by placing them in specially designed courses to begin their academic program. We continue to provide special support and close monitoring by our counselors.