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Visual and Performing Arts are disciplines with aesthetic, perceptual, creative, and intellectual dimensions. The arts foster student ability to create, experience, analyze, and reorganize, thereby encouraging intuitive and emotional, as well as verbal responses.
The Visual and Performing Arts provide a balance in the curriculum that is particularly importance for the development of the whole person with Christian Values. The Visual and Performing Arts assist students in realizing their full potential by providing avenues for self-discovery and for harmonizing of the mind, body, soul and sprit, thus leading toward an integrated personality. The Visual and Performing Arts broadens expressive capacity by increasing avenues of non-verbal expression and contributes to the total learning process in numerous ways.
For all students, study of the Visual and Performing Arts can increase self- discipline and motivation, contribute to a positive self-image, provide and acceptable outlet for emotion, assist in the spiritual search for God, and help to develop creative and intuitive thinking processes not always inherent in other academic pursuits. In addition, for students who learn most effectively through non-verbal modes, The Visual and Performing Arts provides additional opportunities for successful learning experiences, as well as an important spiritual dimension that is part of the nobility of the human spirit.
The study of the Visual and Performing Arts can also contribute to the appreciation of historical, multi-cultural and ethnic understanding and the diversity of people and the nature of the creative spirit. The historical contributions of the Visual Arts, Music and Architecture have also play an integral influence of the history and study of the Church.
Lastly, and most importantly the Visual and Performing Arts are FUN!!