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Greetings and Peace in the name of Jesus!
It is very exciting to be the department chair for Religion at Bishop Alemany High School. Our approach to religion is open, positive, and engaging. Our starting point is our contention that Religion is an academic subject, like all others taught at Bishop Alemany. We have a set core curriculum that is approved by the Arch-diocesan office of Religious Education, and all of our courses have high academic standards. However, beyond these standards, each student is invited to reflect upon their own religious character, thoughts, and experience as we encourage creative work and presentations. 
I love our Religion teachers! They come to us from a variety of experiences, having been educated at fine colleges and universities throughout the nation. They have higher degrees in Pastoral Studies, Theology, and/or Religious Studies. They all have had high school teaching experience prior to coming to Bishop Alemany, so they are ready to go! All our teachers teach full-time in the department, so their focus is clear. 
Collectively, our Religion Department is committed to teaching the Catholic faith. We are faithful to the teaching and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, through which our school obtains its charter. Over 70% of our student population is Roman Catholic, with the other 30% being comprised of wonderful members of other Christian faiths, the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu faiths, and some students who are non-affiliated. All are welcomed and invited to learn of the Catholic faith and to further their own spiritual journey, wherever and however God may be calling them.  
In a recent poll, there was an overwhelming and unprovoked response by our students as they named the Religion classes and the retreats of Campus Ministry to be the best parts of our school. It is good to be loved! 
Our world is an exciting and complicated place. Our religion Department teachers believe religion to be a vital part of human life and of this world’s future. We are committed to inserting the language of faith into the dialogue of peoples, beginning with our students, as we invite them to find their own religious voice and to speak it to a world worth saving. Hope you can join us! 
-Donald E. Levan, M.Div., JCL