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Welcome to the Science Department.

As the world becomes increasingly technical, its citizens need to become more scientifically literate in order to participate in many aspects of life. Scientific literacy benefits both the individual and society, and the pace of scientific advancement has become so rapid that developing scientific literacy without training is very difficult. Therefore the importance of a science education has risen. Since all scientific disciplines share a common method for testing hypotheses and collecting data, students should be exposed to core scientific principles and acquisition of skills through work in the laboratory. Evidence supports the effectiveness of such inquiry-based learning which is why it is reflected in our classrooms.

The manner in which the curriculum is delivered varies according to the ability level of our students and the sophistication of the material being presented. Our curriculum design is research-based, and is continuously evaluated and appropriately updated. Scientific literacy shared by all of our graduates in areas of pure and applied sciences as well as heightened interest in the sciences is the end result of our efforts.