About The Parent Association

To advocate for our Alemany students through our faithful membership by
providing active leadership, and thoughtful communication on our children's behalf.
We welcome you to our 2021-2022 School Year and
we look forward to working together as a community. We have wonderful and thoughtful
parents who work very hard to support Alemany students, faculty, staff and fellow parents.
Bring your love for Alemany, your talents and creative drive and join us!
Parent Association Meetings will take place the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
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Check the school calendar for more information and/or meeting updates
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We are always looking for new ideas, so please reach out and
contact the Board with any ideas, suggestions, or questions by emailing us at parents.association@alemany.org or contact the president (Felicia Grigsby) directly at feliciagrigs@hotmail.com.