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Attendance Policies

Students attending Bishop Alemany are subject to the State Laws on Compulsory Full Time Education. The school is obliged to enforce these laws. Parents are likewise obliged by California State Laws to ensure that their student is in attendance at school when it is in session.
Absence Procedures:
• Parents must notify the Attendance Office (818) 837-5202 before 8:00 am if a student will be absent.
• When the student returns to school after an absence, he or she must turn in a written note signed by the parent or guardian explaining the reason for absence to the Attendance Office. The Attendance Clerk will then issue a readmit slip to the student.
• Students will be readmitted to class upon presentation of the readmit slip. Each teacher will sign the slip. Upon completion, the slip will be returned to the Attendance Office.
Absence is defined as non-attendance at classes when school is in session. Parents do not have the right to excuse their student from attending except for a legitimate reason.
• EXCUSED ABSENCES: (The following reasons constitute a legitimate or excused absence from school – official documentation required): 

1. Valid Illness with Medical verification/documentation. Medical verification may also required for an absence of more than three (3) consecutive days or if a student has accumulated excessive absences throughout the academic term.

2. Attendance at funeral services or bereavement in the immediate family.

3. Court Summons.

4. Quarantine directed by a County or City Health Official.

5. An emergency or special set of circumstances judged as sufficient cause by school authorities (administration and/or dean). The principal should be notified of the circumstances immediately.


• Unexcused Absences: All other absences taken with permission of the parents, but not that of the school. This includes family vacations, trips, etc. Such absence counts towards excessive absence.
• Truancy: (See truancy policy), absence from school with neither school nor parental knowledge and/or consent.
• Excessive Absence: A student who misses more than eight class sessions in a semester, for a particular course, is considered to be excessively absent. This student is in danger of losing academic credit for the course(s) in which the absences occurred. Parents and students will be notified in writing after the student reaches the eighth absence to any course(s).
• Special Circumstances: The Studies Office is to be notified in regard to serious illness or accidents so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
• Students who fail to bring a written excuse will be sent to the Dean’s Office.
• If a note has been forged or falsified the student will be reported to the appropriate Dean who will assess the proper consequence up to and including dismissal if it is a case of truancy.
• Students who must leave school during the school day must obtain an off-campus permit from the Attendance Office. Any student who misses more than two (2) periods on a regular day will be counted absent for the day.
Any student who misses more than one period on a block day will be counted absent for the day.
• Participation in School Activities and Athletics: Students who wish to participate in any school activity of any kind on a particular day must be in school at least 4 full periods (or 2 full block schedule periods). If the game or activity is on a Saturday or Sunday, this obligation must be fulfilled on the previous Friday.
Tardiness Policies:
• Tardiness is defined as arriving in any class after the bell for the start of class has rung.
First Block of the Day:
• Students who are tardy to the first class of the day must go to the Attendance Office to obtain a tardy slip before attending their first class.
• Tardiness to any class is a school infraction. It may be excused only when it is the result of a counseling or other appointment with a school official and the student presents the teacher with a note from that person.
• A student who is tardy to any class must attend detention. There are no exceptions allowed, including but not limited to athletics, clubs or medical appointments.
Off-Campus Permits:
• It is strongly recommended that medical or dental appointments be scheduled when school is not in session.
• Written verification of the appointment is required from the doctor's office noting the time and length of the appointment.
• Permission to leave school before the time of dismissal requires a written request with a daytime phone number from the parent or guardian which is presented to the Attendance Office before the first period of the day. The request must state the reason. The office will then verify the note and issue an off-campus permit.
• Guidelines for Student Releasing Student with an Off-campus Permit
• For the safety and well-being of the student when she or he is issued an off-campus permit, (i.e., doctor/dentist appointment, family business, sent home because of illness, etc.) she or he must wait in the Administration Office for a parent/guardian pick-up at the appointed time.
• The student will be released ONLY after the parent/guardian has produced proper picture identification.
• The student will not be released to any other person.
• In cases which a written explanation of a foreseen absence has been received by the school and the student has been issued an off-campus permit in advance, the student must report to the Attendance Office upon return to obtain a readmit slip before returning to class.
• Time absent from school with off-campus permits will be charged as equivalent absences.
Illness During The School Day:
• Students who become ill during the day outside of class must report to the Administration Office immediately.
• During class time, students must obtain written teacher permission to report to the Administration Office.
• A student may never independently call the parents and tell them to come and pick her or him up during the school day.
• If the student should leave school without the necessary written permission (off-campus pass), the student is liable to school discipline.