Campus Ministry » Incoming Christian Leadership Class 2022

Incoming Christian Leadership Class 2022

Congratulations on being selected for Christian Leadership!  Those who are not on this list, you are on the standby list in the event that some students have scheduling conflicts and cannot be in Christian Leadership (this happens every year).  For those names below, please meet on Zoom -- Wednesday, May 12th at 12:30 (immediately after 6th period). Zoom link will be emailed to you.


Chelsea Acquah-Adubah

Marilu Aguilar

Isabella Andrade

Louise Apan

Brian Atienza

Sebastian Capuyan

Danielle De Silva

Leanne Ejercito

Sean Espiritu

Anna Fassett

Brook Green

Andrew Hernandez

Ethan Hernandez

Audrey Isidro

Zyra Ledesma

Andres Medrano

Martel Mendoza

Isabella Merino

Corey Meyer

Victoria Munck

Pablo Orozco

Chris Parra

Hope Piscitelli

Justin Rakauskas

Bianca Ramos

Hannah Roxas

Mico Sy

Brianna Vajnar

Charlene Vergara

Charmaine Vergara

Nia Walker

Elijah Zuniga