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Catholic Spirituality at Bishop Alemany High School

As a Catholic high school Bishop Alemany provides important avenues for our students to grow in their relationship with God. The concern for aiding students in their spiritual growth is present across campus and across departments. Over the course of four years our students will be guided as they come to know God, to love God, and to serve God.
To Know God
Students at Bishop Alemany High School learn more about the world and their place within the world in an academically challenging and supportive environment. After four years at Bishop Alemany students will leave with a clearer understanding of issues of belief, morality and spirituality. Students will be exposed to an authentic academic presentation of Catholic belief and practice in all its richness. Students of different religions, faith traditions and denominations are an important part of what makes Bishop Alemany a special place. In an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation, all of our students contribute to the spiritual richness on campus from their own unique experience and religious tradition.
To Love God
It is not enough to just learn about God. Students at Bishop Alemany High School are given the opportunity to pray and communicate with God. This takes place through various experiences of prayer and worship. Central to the worship of our school, and Catholic life, is the celebration of the Eucharist. We also provide numerous opportunities for our students to pray individually and in large and small groups in a variety of different ways. In many diverse contexts students are able to experience different styles of prayer.
To Serve God
An important part of the mission of Bishop Alemany High School is to make the world a better place through our students and alumni. We prepare our students to analyze what is wrong with our world (globally and locally) and devise strategies to bring about a more just and peaceful society. We study Catholic social teaching and morality in great depth. Over the course of four years, our students participate in a wide variety of service activities. These service activities often respond to immediate and urgent needs of those who are truly suffering. Students are able to see how they can make a difference in someone’s life by simple acts of kindness and generosity.
As a Catholic school, the heart of our mission at Bishop Alemany High School is to help our students know, love and serve God.
As a Catholic High School, Bishop Alemany is a community enriched by faith that develops intellectually prepared men and women who are committed to promoting a just and peaceful world as conscientious and morally courageous leaders in service to others.