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College and Career Planning

Welcome to the College and Career Planning for Bishop Alemany High School
Here at Alemany we take great pride in working with students and parents as they prepare for and implement the college-planning journey. We offer individual and group counseling for college planning for students and parents, with a major focus on preparing the juniors and assisting the seniors as they explore college possibilities, narrow their focus, prepare applications, and make final attendance decisions.
Over 98% of Alemany graduates go on to college and a majority consistently gain admission to outstanding four-year colleges and universities throughout the country. 
We hold a variety of informational meetings, workshops and programs throughout the year to keep students and parents informed about college planning and successfully complete the application process.
This includes:
College Representative Visits:
Daytime visits to campus by college admission representatives each Fall. Students must sign up though Naviance Family Connection.
College Fair:
We co-sponsor a major annual college fair at Notre Dame High School with six other Valley Catholic High Schools. Over 100 colleges and universities send a representative. In addition, workshops on college admission, financial aid, and NCAA requirements are presented. This is open to all students and their parents. 
College Field Trips:
The Counseling Department hosts two college field trips each semester. During these trips, seniors have the opportunity to take an official tour of a selected college campus and meet with the college's admissions representatives.
Junior/Senior Guidance Night:
Counselors will review the college choice, application, and admission process in an evening session for parents and students. 
Cal State & UC Application Sessions: October & November
Daytime sessions are held in the Alemany Media Center to help students one-on-one with their Cal State & University of California applications.
College Case Studies Night:
Representatives from various colleges will lead participants through the review of hypothetical student college admissions files. This will give students and their parents a better understanding of how many colleges make admissions decisions. Participation is limited, advance registration is required, and a fee of $5 is charged for materials. 
Community College Application Sessions: Spring Semester
Daytime sessions are held in the Alemany Media Center to help students one-on-one with their Community College applications.
  • Create a four-year plan
  • Start thinking about careers
  • Participate in extracurricular clubs and volunteer for community service
  • Study and take the PSAT 8/9
  • Get to know your school counselor
  • Explore Naviance 
  • Visit local colleges and universities
  • Enroll in summer school courses to get ahead
  • Begin to look for scholarships
  • Study and take the PSAT 10/11
  • Attend the annual college fair
  • Continue participating in extracurricular clubs and volunteering for community service
  • Meet with your school counselor again 
  • Visit out-of-state colleges and universities 
  • Enroll in another summer school course(s) to get ahead
  • Consider taking a community college course
  • Keep looking for scholarship opportunities
  • Study and take the PSAT 10/11 again
  • Start thinking about majors for college
  • Do research on potential colleges of interest
  • Keep a file of potential application materials you will need to submit
  • Begin to learn about financial aid options
  • Study and take the SAT/ACT exams
  • Start to look for scholarships you can apply to
  • Think about which teachers you would like to get a letter of recommendation from
  • Visit local colleges and universities
  • Develop a preliminary list of 10-15 colleges of interest
  • Meet with your school counselor again
  • Participate in an enrichment/pre-college program 
  • Get a summer job
  • Do a summer internship for your interested field
  • Enroll in more summer school courses to get ahead
  • Take another community college course
  • Narrow your list down to colleges you plan to apply to
  • Add your colleges to Naviance
  • Complete your Senior Brag Sheet
  • Create a master list or calendar for dates and deadline you should know
  • Meet with your school counselor to come up with a game plan
  • Finalize your college list
  • Prepare your Early Action/Early Decision applications (if needed)
  • Ask teachers for letters of recommendation
  • Have someone proofread the first draft of your college essay(s)
  • Early Action/Early Decision deadlines (Nov. 1-15)
  • Finalize your college essays
  • Continue to work on your applications during Winter Break
  • Start on your FAFSA
  • Keep up your grades
  • Do your FAFSA (if needed)
  • Apply for community college (if you are planning to attend)
  • Do your FAFSA (if needed)
  • Apply for community college (if you are planning to attend)
  • Complete your GPA Verification form with school counselors
  • FAFSA deadline: March 2nd
  • Keep participating in extracurricular clubs
  • Continue to maintain good grades
  • First set of acceptance letters will be sent out
  • Acceptance letters continue to be sent out
  • Begin to compare financial aid award letters (make informed decisions)
  • Start reserving your university housing if you are planning to live on campus 
  • Send your enrollment deposit to one university
  • National Commitment Day: May 1st (Seniors must commit to a four-year university; national deadline)
  • AP Testing (if applicable)
*Note: Counselors will be sending your schools listed on Naviance your transcripts in the fall, at the beginning of spring, and at the end of the school year.